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Q:How do I apply to hold an exhibition in GALERI PETRONAS?

GALERI PETRONAS will consider applications from external parties to hold exhibitions at the gallery. The exhibition must be a non-selling exhibition i.e. non-profit in nature. Applicants are required to submit a written proposal giving an outline of the theme and curatorial concept for the exhibition and other relevant details such as lists of participating artists and works to be displayed. The normal sponsorship offered by the gallery is free use of the exhibition space and utilities as well as arrangements for publicity and promotion. Applicants must state in their proposal any additional sponsorship they are seeking from PETRONAS.Applicants are encouraged to submit their proposal one year in advance of the proposed date of exhibition.  

Q:Can I reserve the space at the gallery for my special event ?

The space in GALERI PETRONAS is usually fully utilised for various programmes organised or hosted by the gallery.  External parties who are interested to have their events in the gallery should contact the gallery's management.  As a general rule, the gallery is not available for product launches or other profit-oriented activities.  Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q:Does GALERI PETRONAS purchase art pieces?

GALERI PETRONAS acquires artwork on behalf of PETRONAS. Works are sourced and identified by the gallery. Artists are welcome to submit pictures and details of artworks they wish to propose to the gallery for possible acquisition.

Q:May I take photographs in the gallery?

Visitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the gallery and of artworks displayed. Students and researchers may be allowed to take photographs without flash, provided they obtain written permission from the management of the gallery at least two working days prior to the shoot. Requests to do so are to be submitted through the head of their respective study programmes and must be for study-related purposes only. Due credit must be given on the photographs to the gallery if the research or thesis is published. A copy of the publication must also be submitted to GALERI PETRONAS for record purposes. 

Q:Is there any charge for entering into GALERI PETRONAS?

No, admission into GALERI PETRONAS is free.

Q:How do I apply for the internship programme?

GALERI PETRONAS offers work experience to tertiary students of arts management and related fields.  Internships are offered twice a year: the first for the period April-June and the latter in October-December.  Applications must be submitted in writing and endorsed by Head of Programme or Dean of Faculty.  Applications must be accompanied by academic results and a personal letter from the student explaining what he / she hopes to achieve from the internship.

Q:How do I purchase books/catalogues/magazines?

Items such as books and catalogues can be purchased from the GALERI Shop.

Q:Do we need to be a member to use the Art Resource Centre?

It is not compulsory for you to be a member to use the Art Resource Centre.  Usage of this reference library is free to any member of the public who wishes to do so.  However, all users are required to sign in the register book placed in the Centre, even if they have already signed when first arriving at the gallery.   Regulars are encouraged to register as members of the Art Resource Centre since only members are allowed to use the library when the gallery is closed to the general public during maintenance or installation work.