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History of Galeri PETRONAS

GALERI PETRONAS is formed by PETRONAS, Malaysia's national oil and gas company. First opened in 1992 at Dayabumi Complex, PETRONAS former headquarters, the gallery offers a major venue for visual arts in Kuala Lumpur. Through it, PETRONAS sponsored many art exhibitions showcasing the works of both local and foreign artists.

GALERI PETRONAS moved to its current location under the prestigious PETRONAS Twin Towers in 1998. The spacious new circular gallery of 2,000 sq meters is almost three times the size of the space in Dayabumi Complex. The larger space represents an extension and expansion of activities by PETRONAS in promoting and contributing to the development of art in Malaysia.

Our Philosophy

GALERI PETRONAS represents one of PETRONAS important contributions towards the development of a holistic Malaysian society, which is vital in ensuring the continuation of Malaysia's economic and social advancement.

Through the gallery, PETRONAS provides a platform for expressing views and opinions on issues relating to humanity while promoting art as a universal language that transcends man-made barriers. Such endeavour is hoped to foster closer relations among the people of Malaysia, including with those from other nations, by creating a better understanding of one another's cultures, lifestyles, beliefs and practices through art.

GALERI PETRONAS is a reflection of the diversity of Malaysian and global artistic practices of the past, present and future.

Our Objectives

GALERI PETRONAS manages and administers the PETRONAS sponsorship programme for visual arts. As such, the corporation provides and maintains the gallery as a world-class venue for Malaysian artists to display their artworks. The gallery also hosts foreign exhibitions to encourage exchanges between local and foreign artists for their mutual benefit.

To further promote and contribute towards the development of art, the gallery also offers a wide range of art appreciation and educational programmes, in addition to exhibitions. Forums and seminars discussing various art issues are organised on regular basis.

Where We Are

Contact Information

Level 3 Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +603 2051 7770
Email :

Getting There

GALERI PETRONAS is located at the Ampang Mall on Level 3 of Suria KLCC. Being at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC is well connected and easily accessible. The most convenient way to get to Suria KLCC is by taking the light rapid transit (LRT) system’s Kelana Jaya line and disembark at KLCC.

There are also many intracity buses and taxis that can bring visitors to Suria KLCC.​