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15 July 2016

AL-KESAH Curatorial Walkthrough


A walkthrough with artists and curator for an informative stories of the exhibition of AL-KESAH: Homage to Ismail Zain.


  • Bibi Chew on 15 July 2016
  • Mohd Azlan Latif on 22 July 2016
  • Mohd Nasir Baharuddin on 29 July 2016
  • Prof. Ariffin Ismail on 5 August 2016
  • Mohd Azhar Manan on 12 August 2016
  • Prof. Ramlan Abdullah on 19 August 2016
  • To register, please email or contact:

    Zahari Hamzah (Tel: 03 - 2331 5585)
    Samsudin M Salleh (Tel: 03 - 2331 4643)

21 August 2015

Galeri PETRONAS Wins Top Honors

PUTRA BRAND AWARDS 2015 - The People's Choice 21 August 2015

Galeri PETRONAS emerged as the consumers’ top brands in Malaysia as it bagged the Bronze Award in the Entertainment category at the Putra Brand Awards 2015.

Galeri PETRONAS Director, En. Rosli Abd Rahim expressed his appreciation to Galeri PETRONAS team and the consumers for their continuous support for the inaugural win.

“I would like to congratulate Galeri PETRONAS team that has enabled us to win the Bronze Award for Putra Brand Awards 2015. I also would like to register my humble thank you to all staff in Galeri PETRONAS who have toiled hard and given their commitment to bring us winning this for the first time. “This recognition signifies our commitment to be A World Class Art Gallery of Choice among consumers and we are glad that we have gained the people’s trust”, added En. Rosli.

According to the brand awareness award host, the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As), the Putra Brand Awards is unique as Malaysian consumers themselves are the judges.

A consumer research polling system involving 6,000 people helped select Malaysia’s most preferred brands across a spectrum of 24 categories, with the top three brands in each category being honored with a gold, silver, and bronze ranking.

Putra Brand Awards is the premier brand awards and the largest consumer research sampling of its kind in Malaysia and it is the only brand award of, by and for the brand managers and owners. Launched in 2010 by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) in association with the Malaysia’s Most Valuable Brands (MMVB), the Putra Brand Awards to recognize brand building as an integral business investment, measured by consumer preference.

14 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 14 August 2015

I had only one engagement at the gallery this morning at 1100, I met up with a reporter from the Star newspaper and had another interview. There has been quite a lot of media attention during the final days of my stay in KL and it has been nice to get some attention. During the interview there were three photographers and a camera man and I felt like a bit of a celebrity.

I don’t think that I deserve this much attention, I’m still an emerging artist but it felt great all the same. I managed to forget my wallet so I had to go back to the hotel afterwards before getting an Uber out to Publika shopping mall to check out the galleries. There are quite a few commercial spaces and two larger galleries called White Box and Black Box. Black Box was closed for install but I got to see a great photography exhibition at White Box, it’s definitely worth checking out. I jumped in another Uber and headed out to Rimbun Dahan to meet up with Omar Musa, an Australian Malay writer who has been staying out there doing an Asialink residency.

We hung out at his little house and explored the grounds, they have an amazing art collection and a whole series of studios and chalets for visiting artists, writers and performers to stay in. We went around the corner for some steamboat and I luckily found a taxi driver who was willing to take me all the way back to KL. It was a great way to end my residency time here in KL, I got to see so many different places and I have really appreciated my time here.

13 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 13 August 2015

Today was a nice late start, I slept in for a bit and spent some time researching on my computer looking for bookshops in KL. A completed some more responses to media requests and ducked over to Sungei Wang Plaza to get some shopping before heading into the gallery around 1330 to set up my work and prepare myself for the presentation and hand over.

I met the Australian high commissioner who had come to address the presentation and Badrol and I talked about our respective experiences during the exchange. The presentation was very formal and I was a bit nervous talking about my time but I had a lot of images to show and gave a little background to my work for the people who were unfamiliar with it.

The great thing about these presentations is that there is always food to accompany the talks, it turns out that there is always food at any Malaysian event. I think I’ve been getting a bit fatter with each day that I spend in KL. After the presentation I had another interview and left just before 1800. I was planning on going out to visit a friend who is doing a residency at Rimbun Dahan except that it was raining so heavily that I gave up on going anywhere. When it rains in KL it really pours and flash floods are common, the traffic becomes incredibly slow so I decided to stay in and do some more research at the hotel.

12 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 12 August 2015

Today was another full day in the studio at Galeri Petronas, I spent some time in the morning having a skype meeting with my gallery in Melbourne and catching up with some emails and projects back home. I headed off to the gallery at 1030 and picked up my usual coffee along the way. The guys at the coffee shop know me now and have my order ready when I arrive, I’ve even started to get a staff discount as part of the Galeri Petronas team. The last drawing that I did was based on a sculpture that I’d seen at the National Art Gallery by Sang Kang Jye, it’s such a beautiful work and lends itself very well to ink.

In the afternoon I met Oliviero Rainaldi, the Italian artist who has arrived to install his solo exhibition at the gallery. He signed a copy of the catalogue and we had a brief chat. It’s a shame that I won’t be here for the opening of his exhibition on Monday night but it was great to meet him and check out some of his work as they unpack it from the crates. I finished off the rest of my presentation and talked to Shuryati about how the following days events will unfold.

I received another media request and spent some time answering a series of questions for some upcoming news articles. In the evening I headed back to the hotel for some noodles and spent some time skyping my partner back at home. At 2200 my cousin Iqbal came past and we headed out to get another late dinner. I ate stingray, clams and prawns, the watermelon juice arrived and it was at least 1.5 litres. We met up with some of his friends afterwards before heading back to the hotel at 1am.

11 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 11 August 2015

Today I arrived at the gallery around 0930 to give a presentation to some media outlets that have arranged to come to the gallery. I gave a condensed version of my previous presentations, looking at my background as an artist and talking about my time spent in Malaysia. Afterwards I settled in and complete some of the drawings that I’d started. I spent the day working on a drawing of the Yam Tuan of Negeri Sembilan based on a photograph from 1903.

He is seated in front of two bodyguards with a regal moustache that reflects the time of British colonial influence. I’m really drawn to some of these images of Malay royal houses from the past, to me they show a resistance to colonial dominance that allowed Malaysia to hold onto it’s sense of identity through different colonial periods. I also began to put together a slide show to present at the handing over ceremony scheduled for Thursday.

Looking back through all of the images of my time in Malaysia is a great way to see how much ground I’ve covered. It was nice to be able to relax in the studio without the pressure of time and get stuck into some drawing. I spent many years as an illustrator and it’s not something that I spend a lot of time doing these days, so this has been a great way of getting back into something I love to do. I went back to the hotel around 1900 to charge my computer and keep working on the slide show, like Badrol found it’s quite challenging when to have only one power adaptor to charge all of my appliances. It makes you realise how reliant we are on these tools.

10 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 10 August 2015

This morning I woke up a little later and headed into the gallery by 0930, ready to head out to Shah Alam to visit the art faculty at the Universiti Teknologi Mara. We hit the road by 1045 and wound our way through the dense KL traffic to Selangor about 45 minutes away. The students are currently on break so I met with a group of staff, some of whom had studied in Australia. We had coffee and I gave a presentation of my work in the board room. I got some great feedback, particularly from Professor Madya Dr. Khatijah Sanusi who had received her BA from Curtin University, the same art school that I attended many years later.

Afterwards we walked around the school looking at some of the class rooms. It was a very familiar place, the graduation exhibition had finished up and as usual there were a lot of works waiting to be picked up by art students. It’s the same scene every year at every art school, the term is finished and everyone disappears leaving their unwanted works for the staff to take care of. Art students are the same all over the world in some ways! We sat in the staff room, or the ‘nest’ as it is called and I chatted with Ramlan Abdullah, a well known Malay sculptor.

I always relate to the sculpture lecturers very well, I was reading an interview he did and his answers were very similar to ones that I’ve given. I think the motivations behind working with different materials in sculptural ways and seeing the results of your hands are universal across all cultures. The way he talked about feeling the material and exploring the outcomes is something that is very close to the way I work. I love meeting art lecturers here, they are the people at the heart of how art is taught and carry a large responsibility in ensuring that students are equipped to make their way in the a very unstable industry with no safety nets.

It was fantastic talking about some of the international experiences that Ramlan has undertaken, balancing his commitments to his students with an intensive art practice. We headed back to the gallery arriving just before 1700 and I got a bit of drawing done before walking back to the hotel. I’m balancing a lot of different things, making sure that my projects at home are still running smoothly while getting the most out of my time in Malaysia. That’s how it is as an artist, a constant juggling act to make sure that you can keep going and making the work you love.

09 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 09 August 2015

This morning I had a good sleep in until 0830 after a very late night hanging out with my family in Kampung Linggi, Seremban and back in KL. I arrived at the gallery just before 1000 and we went downstairs to catch the train out to KL Central Markets to have a look at the multitude of shops and chat to some of the artists who work in the markets. The markets are filled with everything you can think of including fashion, antiques, food, traditional craft, jewellery and batik. We were there quite early in the day but the markets stay open until late in the evening. The artists were mostly doing portraits in oils and charcoal, they were all technically amazing and it’s a wonder they can concentrate with all the noise and action that constantly surrounds them.

Upstairs we browsed through an antique museum and shop specialising in everything from tribal South-East Asia. There were wooden masks from Java and Sarawak, Kris from all over Malaysia and Indonesia, Batik and Songket fabric, carvings and jewellery. We chatted to the owner and he explained that his most recent adventure had been buying tribal artrefacts and wood carvings in Timor. By this time we were ready for an iced coffee before finding a taxi and heading over to the Islamic Museum. The Islamic Museum is perhaps the most spectacular piece of architecture amongst the Malaysian museums and houses one of the biggest collections in the region. The current exhibition on the first floor was a collection of historical weapons, armour and paintings from different parts of the Islamic world including the Ottoman Empire, Sulu Sultanate and Persia.

The exhibition started with several reproductions of famous swords from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Upstairs was a collection of Islamic calligraphy, fabric and ceramics from China, where Muslims had emerged 1400 years ago. We checked out more ornate pieces from the Ottoman empire and pored over the charts that showed the Islamic dynasties from all over the world in chronological order. On the way out we looked through the gift shop and Shuryati bought me the biography of Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, the philanthropist founder of the Islamic Museum who happens to be from her home state of Kedah.

Sam and I headed back to the gallery and I settled back into the studio to get some drawing done. KLCC was extra busy today, the trains were packed and the malls filled with people who’d come to the city to catch some of the Formula 1 racing. I could here the cars buzzing round the towers but I wasn’t going to brave the crowds to see any of the racing action. It’s not really my cup of tea but it’s nice to see so many families and school kids outside on a Sunday. I think the legendary KL traffic jams are going to stretch long into the night.

07 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 07 August 2015

Today I woke up and downed some muesli for breakfast before heading to KLCC to meet Sam at 0800. We jumped on the LRT and got out at Bangsar station to meet Shuryati. Today we’re going out to Pulau Ketam to check out the island and meet some of the artists involved in the Pulau Ketam Arts Festival last year. We stopped for some teh tarik and were joined byTang Yeok Khang, a Malaysian artist who was part of the festival.We drove out to Klang Port and got on a ferry heading out to the island. When we arrived we chose rental bikes to get around the island and met up with Wang Kai Kian, another of the artists who lives on the island. The first stop we made was to get some lunch at one of the legendary seafood restaurants.

The seafood here is amazing, we ate squid, crab, oysters and rice, along with green tea and my old favourite Kickapoo Joy Juice. Afterwards we jumped on our bikes and headed over to the artist studios that are situated in a former kindergarten. Pulau Ketam is a maze of raised footpaths lined with colourful wooden houses on stilts above the mangrove flats that surround the island. The people are 95% Chinese here and the town is filled with temples and brightly painted shops, houses and fishing boats. On the way we passed over three arched bridges across the waterways.

The tide was out while were there so there were mudflats beneath the houses with lungfish and crabs scuttling about everywhere. The studio was a brightly lit room filled with paintings by some of the local artists. We were met by Along Tan, the main organiser of the festival and for the rest of the day he was our guide around the town. We headed over to see one of the homestays and Along Tan had organized for us to go for a tour on one of the speedboats that the fishermen use. We took off at high speed looking at the houses from the water, as well as venturing through the town up a few of the streams that cross the island passing into the maze of mangroves just behind the town.

The island itself is largely a mangrove swamp with the town concentrated on the coast. On the way back we stopped at a floating fish farm and had a look at some of the breeding ponds. They generously picked out two large fish and decided to give them to us for a meal back on the island, they were fresh out of the water and still flopping around when we got back into the boat and headed back to town. While the fish were being prepared we had another ride around the town, dropping into another homestay and seeing the views from different parts of town.

We came back to find one of the fish steamed with Abalone and the other stir fried with garlic, chilli and oyster sauce. I’ve never eaten such amazing seafood, these guys have a luxurious diet every day straight from the ocean. We thanked them for their kindness and raced back to catch the ferry just as it was leaving the jetty. I will definitely return to the island, having been there now I have to see the place at high tide when the water fills the town. It was a beautiful experience and the people we met were incredibly welcoming and generous. Despite the heat and long day Pulau Ketam has definitely been one of my highlights so far.

05 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 05 August 2015

This morning I woke up and ordered Nasi Lemak from breakfast at the hotel, it’s delicious every time and fro everywhere I’ve eaten it so far. I arrived at the gallery by 0900 and we headed downstairs to catch the train and then taxi out to the University of Malaya. The university campus is massive, we took a while to actually find the right place. Eventually we got there and were met by Professor Sabzaly Khan out the front. Upstairs we walked through the university gallery and met the rest of the staff in a small classroom.

Shuryati introduced me to the people who were in attendance, a mix of museum and gallery staff, lecturers and students from the department of fine art. I gave a talk about my practice and showed them slides of my work over the past few years. Afterwards we ate some food, I tried my first rambutan and chatted with a few of the university staff. We had a quick look through the calligraphy show up at the Museum of Asian Art and headed back to the gallery. I went and bought myself a nice Lacoste shirt, it turns out that I need long sleeves to make an official speech at the gallery. I was in a rush so they ironed the shirt for me and was back at the gallery before 1400

Quite a few of my family came along to the talk and I was really happy to see their faces, they’re so familiar even if I don’t get to see them very often, family are always like old friends. I felt really good doing the talk, it was fantastic to be able to finally share my work with a new audience and talk about my concerns as an artist in detail. Many of the narratives and backgrounds to my work are very familiar to them and I got a lot of positive feedback and very interesting insights into how they saw my work from a Malay perspective.

After the talk I went out with my Uncle Nazeri, my aunty Suryani and cousins Husni and Nurul. We ate Nasi Lemak and drank Teh Tarik and chatted away for ages in a café. Later in the evening I headed out to an exhibition opening, a solo show by KL artist Azam Aris at HOM Art Trans’s Raya Open House. I met up with the legendary Australian poet and novelist Omar Musa and talked about our time in Malaysia. He’s mixed heritage like me and it was great to get his perspective on Malaysia from somebody who comes from a very similar background to me.

06 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 06 August 2015

I woke up a little later this morning and ordered Nasi Lemak for breakfast, I never get sick of eating it and I’m afraid that if I stayed here too long I won’t fit in the plane to get home again. I got to the gallery at 0930 and Shuryati, Sam and I headed downstairs to grab a taxi to the National Art Gallery of Malaysia. I was ready to see some art after all the museums we’ve been visiting.

The first show we looked at was a photographic exhibition chronicling Mecca during the final days of the Ottoman Empire. It’s amazing to see the extent of change that has occurred over the twentieth century, the world has changed so much and Mecca has changed along with it. There was a photograph of the Kaaba during a flood in 1903, I’ve never seen an image quite like it and couldn’t imagine something like that occurring in a desert city.

The recent acquisitions exhibition was a standout for me, some of the works revealed a far more critical point of view that anything I’ve seen previously. The first work as you enter the space was a beautiful wood carving titled ‘Minister, of portrait series’ by Sang Kang Jye showing a mans head with three distinct faces. I may be biased towards sculpture but this piece was the finest work I’ve seen in Malaysia so far. Upstairs was an exhibition called ‘The French Connection’, a survey of works from the mid to late twentieth century covering Malay artists who have studied and worked in Paris and the influences on their work.

Before we left I visited the shop downstairs and picked up some more drawing paper. Next stop was the Museum at the Bank Negara, a spacious three storey museum with displays of different currencies, Islamic banking practices, Malay economic development and a collection of paintings and sculpture offering a glowing reflection of Malaysian culture. We ate lunch downstairs and yet again the food was amazing, they know how to treat the staff very well here.

Back at the gallery I settled in to do some drawing, I haven’t had too much time yet so I took the opportunity to loosen up and get going with some inks and pencil. I’m looking at some of the different things I’ve encountered during my time here, particularly some of the people and places between the high rise buildings and shopping malls that fill central KL. To me it’s the people who live here now that define Malaysia, much more than the past or visions of the future.

04 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 04 August 2015

This morning I got a call from Shuryati asking me to be at the gallery at 0930 so that we can head out to the Museum Negara. Shuryati appeared at 1000 and we headed downstairs and got on the LRT and then a taxi to the museum. We looked through the exhibitions covering Malay history from pre historic times until independence, including the periods of the Malay kingdoms and various occupations and colonial impacts. It’s really interesting to see some of the ancient artefacts, the Malay peninsula has been occupied by modern humans for at least 30000 years.

I’m really interested in the Malay kingdoms, it’s great to get an idea of how different migrations from South East Asia impacted the peninsula, including people from Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, the Phillipines and further afield like India, the middle east and China. Many of these people stayed and married into the Malay population creating an ethnically diverse population. We looked at the different states and their royal crests, some of the weaponry and regalia of the royal families.

There were quite a few Bugis kris and a great example of Bugis armour used in the wars against the Dutch colonial empire in the 1700’s. On the way out we had a look at a small exhibition of Orang Asli artefacts and wooden sculptures, this is a living culture that I’d like to find out more about when I get the chance. We headed back to the gallery and I went off to get some nasi lemak for lunch and print some photo’s to use as drawing references. I spent a few hours in the afternoon drawing at the gallery, my space is a large room with windows overlooking the entrance of KLCC where I can see loads of people walking in and out and heavy KL traffic.

I headed back to the hotel around 1730 so that I could write up my day and catch up on some emails from home, work never stops while I’m away and I need to keep on top of things for when I get back to Australia. Around 2030 my cousin Iqbal came to the hotel to pick me up, I haven’t seen him since he was a kid and now he’s married with his first child. It’s such a great feeling meeting up with family, I feel right at home straight away and we drove out to Bangsar to eat some Indian food and drink The Tarik.

We talked about all sorts of things from our home life, jobs and families, he’s a super smart guy who has a great insight into the many different sides of Kuala Lumpur, we talked for hours about our respective lives. Afterwards we dropped by the lake on the way back to the hotel, it was almost midnight but there were a lot of families, kids and babies hanging out by the water riding bikes and rollerblades with little flashing lights on the wheels.

03 August 2015

Artist in Residence - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Galeri PETRONAS 03 August 2015

I headed into the gallery at 0900 to meet up with everyone, I grabbed a coffee and met Badrol out the front and ended up chatting with him for a while while we waited for everybody else to arrive. I met Ismael and Rosaline and we headed up to the fourth floor to grab a second breakfast before we hit the road. Badrol got me some the tarik and roti canai, the perfect combination to start the day. At 1000 we headed out the front and jumped into a van to take us out to Malacca to visit the museum a couple of hours away. First stop was at the art supplies store on the way out of KL where I picked up some paper, charcoal, brushes and ink before heading south to Malacca.

It’s great to see some views outside of the city centre, lot’s and lot’s of palm plantations as far as the eye can see before breaking into some real forest. A couple of hours later we arrived in Malacca, everyone was hungry again so we stopped to get some baba laksa and drinks before going to the museum. I visited the Malacca museum eight years ago and it was great to be back. It’s a large Dutch colonial building with a fantastic summary of the different colonial periods and combined migrant cultures that make up Malacca today. We wandered through and I made sure that I had a look at the brief mention of my mums home town of Linggi in Malacca’s history of conflicts and power struggles between everyone from the Malay, Portuguese, Dutch, Bugis, British and Japanese.

It was steaming hot and everyone was suffering a litte, we climbed back into the van and headed over to the Malacca University to meet some of the fine art lecturers and students. The studios were crowded with second year diploma students, Shuryati introduced us and I gave a brief talk about myself and what I was doing as an Australian artist in Malaysia. Badrol said a little about his exchange in Melbourne and we chatted about a few different approaches to art making. Afterwards I talked to a few of the students, they were curious about my path to becoming an artist and I showed them a bunch of images from my instagram. It was a shame that I couldn’t show them more images of my work to illustrate how I approach art as a career. It turns out that Badrol taught most of the lecturers, he seems to know everyone involved in art across Malaysia.

We checked out the sculpture workshop and I chatted to some of the other lecturers. Around 1830 we climbed back into the van and started driving back to KL. We made an abortive attempt to find some durian on the way but had no luck, I still haven’t eaten it and I feel I haven’t tasted Malaysia until I’ve tasted durian at least once. It was a long drive back to KL, I knew we’d arrived when we found my first traffic jam, KL is legendary for it’s long traffic jams and luckily we were only stuck for a few minutes before turning off and heading to the towers. I jumped out at the hotel and headed upstairs for a shower.

13 July 2015


Galeri PETRONAS 13 July 2015

Applications are invited from suitable qualified Malaysians to fill in the following vacancy in GALERI PETRONAS.

Executive (Exhibitions)

Download Job Advertisement

Interested candidates are invited to write in/e-mail, providing a complete CV together with position title, providing full details of personal particulars, educational qualifications, employment history, current and expected salary, together with a recent passport sized photograph. Please submit applications to the attention of:

Manager, Planning & Finance Operations,
Level 60, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Email : and (Only shortlisted candidates will be notified).

Closing date : On or before 31 July 2015.

15 May 2015


Galeri PETRONAS 15 May 2015

Applications are invited from suitable qualified Malaysians to fill in the following vacancies in GALERI PETRONAS.

1. NON-EXECUTIVE (Admin – Special Programmes)
2. NON-EXECUTIVE (Admin – Marketing & Communications)

Download Job Advertisement

Interested candidates are invited to write in/e-mail, providing a complete CV together with position title, providing full details of personal particulars, educational qualifications, employment history, current and expected salary, together with a recent passport sized photograph. Please submit applications to the attention of:

Manager, Planning & Finance Operations,
Level 60, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur.

Email : and (Only shortlisted candidates will be notified).

Closing date : On or before Wednesday, 27 May 2015.

19 November 2013

Then Now & Beyond

GALERI PETRONAS 19 November 2013

In conjunction with GALERI PETRONAS’ 20th Anniversary, (1992 – 2012), GALERI PETRONAS has taken a step forward to honour our past while supporting the future artists of Malaysia through the launch of a new online art platform for students.

Through this pilot project, 97 secondary schools around Kuala Lumpur have been invited to submit their creative interpretations of the theme “Then, Now & Beyond”. It aims to encapsulate our rich history along with our limitless future.

“…it is through their (young artists) eyes, imagination, and creativity, we see our country today, and we see what we want to become.”
YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Minister of Youth & Sports, Malaysia 10th October 2013: Launching of Young Malaysian Artists - New Object(ion) II Exhibition
04 July 2013



Through its role in developing Malaysia’s oil and gas resources and add value to the nation’s petroleum assets, PETRONAS encompasses a philosophy of holistic development that contributes to the well being of Malaysia and its citizens through the support of art and culture. Through GALERI PETRONAS and the PETRONAS Art Collection, PETRONAS is privileged to play its part in supporting the visual arts.

The PETRONAS Art Collection consists of traditional and contemporary artworks that span the different generations and genres, which encompass the wealth of Malaysia’s rich and diverse artistic heritage. These artworks orchestrate an expanded field that negotiates the subtle relationship between the visible and the invisible through its formalist visual vocabulary. It is importantly a discreet reflection that through art’s permeability of the Malaysian landscape such artistic manipulations, its aesthetic and mediating potential is far from being exhausted.

Inscribed within the visual history of the Malaysian Landscape is the notion that art frames and questions the social practice and human experience to communicate meaning and authenticity. Within this history lies its own nostalgia, where the landscape holds a privileged place and art has variously annexed a broad spectrum of media to echo how culture has constantly modulated through time and place.

CONVERGENCE: Allegories of the Malaysian Landscape constructs and deconstructs the perception of the temporality of existence while simultaneously differentiating a variety of nostalgia: a restorative nostalgia that idealizes the past and where it has found and melded with contemporary values and a reflective nostalgia that is historically associated with the present as well as history and time’s passage.

Shireen Naziree

Guest Curator

CONVERGENCE: Allegories of the Malaysian Landscape

12 April 2013



Applications are invited from suitable qualified Malaysians to fill in the following vacancies in GALERI PETRONAS.

1. Executive (Exhibitions)
2. Executive (Registrar - Art Collection)
3. Executive (Special Programme)
4. Executive (PR & Online Communication)
5. Supervisor (Admin - Marketing & Communication) - Non executive
6. Supervisor (Admin - Exhibitions) - Non executive
7. Supervisor (Admin - Art Collection) - Non executive

Interested candidates are invited to write in/e-mail, providing a complete CV together with position title, providing full details of personal particulars, educational qualifications, employment history, current and expected salary, together with a recent passport sized photograph.

Please submit applications to the attention of :

Manager, Planning & Management Services
Level 71, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Email : and

(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified).

Closing date : On or before Tuesday, 23rd April 2013

Job Advertisement - April 2013_edited

09 November 2012


GALERI PETRONAS 09 November 2012

Applications are invited from suitable qualified Malaysians to fill in the following vacancy in GALERI PETRONAS:-

- Admin- Marketing & Communications (Non-Executive Position)

Interested candidates are invited to write in/e-mail, providing a complete CV together with position title, providing full details of personal particulars, educational qualifications, employment history, current and expected salary, together with a recent passport sized photograph.
Please submit applications to the attention of:-
Manager, Planning & Management Services
Level 71, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
E-mail: or

(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified).
Closing date: On or before Sunday, 25th November 2012.

13 August 2012


GALERI PETRONAS 13 August 2012

Applications are invited from suitable qualified Malaysians to fill in the following vacancies in GALERI PETRONAS:-
a. Curator, Exhibitions
b. Registrar (Art Collection)

Interested candidates are invited to write in/e-mail, providing a complete CV together with position title, providing full details of personal particulars, educational qualifications, employment history, current and expected salary, together with a recent passport sized photograph.
Please submit applications to the attention of:-
Manager, Planning & Management Services
Level 71, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
E-mail: and

(Only shortlisted candidates will be notified).

Closing date: On or before Sunday, 26th August 2012.

07 August 2012

FIGURE OUT Exhibition Now Opens

GALERI PETRONAS 07 August 2012

The public can now view rarely shown figurative works belonging to PETRONAS in FIGURE OUT, an exhibition that features 65 artworks created by Malaysia's top artists and come in the form of paintings, drawings, photographs and a collage.
Curated by Prof. Dr. Zakaria Ali, Professor of Art History from the Sultan Idris University of Education, the exhibition begins today at GALERI PETRONAS, Level 3, Suria KLCC from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. during Ramadan and until 8 p.m. during other months.
The diverse artworks in the exhibition, grouped into four distinct categories - Self-Portraits, Leisure, Work and Politics - are introspective and attempt to figure out issues concerning who we are, where we are now and where we are heading. The period when these artworks were completed also vary, from as early as after independence. These include the photograph by Almarhum Sultan Ismail of Terengganu taken in 1958, pieces by pioneer artists such as Dato' Hoessein Enas, Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal and Datuk Chuah Thean Teng, besides contemporary works by Zulkifli Yusoff, Simon Soon and Anurendra Jegadeva.
Figurative art as a genre enjoys a special place within the visual arts due to the technical challenges and exacting demands placed on the artists when drawing or painting figures. The manifestation of figures in art not only represents a society's or community's moment in time but also serves as the artists' mental and emotional expressions that are now part of the nation's artistic heritage.
26 April 2012

Pameran Kesultanan Perak (The Perak Sultanate Exhibition) Opens at GALERI PETRONAS


A new exhibition entitled ‘Pameran Kesultanan Perak’ (The Perak Sultanate Exhibition) opens in GALERI PETRONAS from the 26th of April 2012 until the 24th of June 2012, in conjunction with the 84th birthday of the D.Y.M.M. Paduka Seri Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah.
This exhibition, under the patronage of the D.Y.T.M. Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, is a collaboration between the Perak State Government and GALERI PETRONAS. Its organisation relied heavily on the involvement of members of the Perak Royal Family, in particular, the Raja Puan Muda of Perak, Raja Nor Mahani binti Raja Shahar Shah, who is the exhibition's coordinator and facilitator.
The exhibition aims to increase public awareness and understanding of the Perak Royal Institution, its historical background and the significant role it played in the formation of the state.
Visitors to the exhibition will be able to learn of the Perak Sultanate's many contributions to the state development, especially in the areas pertaining to the religion of Islam and the promulgation of knowledge.
Among the items on display are a replica of the old 'singgahsana' (throne) that was used from 1933 until 1984 and 'Santapan DiRaja' (traditional royal dining arrangement and wares).
The Perak Sultanate possesses direct genealogical link to the founder of the Melaka Sultanate, Parameswara (1344-1414). The empire built by Parameswara once controlled almost the entire Malay (now Malaysian) Peninsula, parts of Sumatera and the Riau islands. 
17 January 2012

Capturing Malaysia Through The Years

40 Years of Press Photography 17 January 2012

In 40 years of capturing history in Malaysia and worldwide, The Star newspaper has amassed millions of excellent photographic works. A selected number of significant photographs from this valuable collection is on display in this exhibition, categorised by four subject matters for the purpose ofdemonstrating critical moments in Malaysian history: Newsmakers, Arts & Society, Sports and Conflicts & Disasters.
28 February 2012

Petronas Annouces Winners Of Its Chinese New Year Photography Contest

GALERI PETRONAS 28 February 2012

A total of 42 photo entries were announced today as winners of the PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest, organised by the national oil company in conjunction with the recent Chinese New Year Celebrations.

The winning photos were selected from over 3,000 entries received via the PETRONAS' Facebook page between January and February 2012, the duration of the contest that carried the theme of Reimagining Energy™.

A panel comprising professional photographers from contest partner Leica Camera AG and representatives from PETRONAS judged the contest and the winning photos were deemed to depict the most expressive and memorable Chinese New Year moments while capturing the spirit of the theme.

A prize-giving ceremony was held at GALERI PETRONAS in Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur to reward seven winners each in the contests' six categories: Mobile, Amateurs, Professionals, School-goers, University or College-goers and PETRONAS staff. The winners not only received cash prizes from PETRONAS but also have their winning photographs displayed at GALERI PETRONAS in a special exhibition from now until 8 April 2012.

The members of the public are therefore invited to visit GALERI PETRONAS to witness the winning photographs. The prizes were presented to the winners by PETRONAS' Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah.

"The PETRONAS Chinese New Year Photography Contest was part of PETRONAS humble efforts to celebrate Chinese New Year with all Malaysians. Over the past one month, it had reached a significant number of Malaysian through the power of social media and we are indeed heartened and delighted by the overwhelming response," said Dato Mohammad Medan.

"Our Facebook fan base has increased by almost 30 percent over the past one month to about 120,000 fans and we are looking forward to engage with the online community even more," he added. Apart from the contest, PETRONAS also conducted workshops at selected schools and colleges to help youths express themselves through photography.