Current Exhibition

ALEGORI: Contemporary Art Expressions from Malay Manuscripts

Curator : PETRONAS
Duration : 14 November 2017 - 04 February 2018
Admission : FREE
Time : 10am - 8pm

Description :
ALEGORI - Contemporary Art Expressions from Malay Manuscripts is GALERI PETRONAS' final exhibition for its 2017 calendar. The Exhibition explores Malay metaphorical thinking through the Malay manuscripts and the artistry of functional objects derived from various disciplines of knowledge that are rudimentary to the Malay holistic view of the world and arguably formed the foundation of the Malay identity. With the canonical manuscripts of Sulalatus Salatin and Hikayat Hang Tuah and among 17 other significant manuscripts, the Exhibition showcases about 20 rare Malay artefacts inspired by the Malay manuscripts. A selection of 10 contemporary installation artworks will be concurrently presented by regional and local artists, expressing Southeast Asian art’s singular appropriation of its traditional and cultural elements. GALERI PETRONAS invites everyone to explore and examine our cultural aesthetics from visual experiences and connections with these contemporary art expressions stemming from the Malay classical manuscripts. A series of complementary programs to suit the multi-interests of the public is being held throughout the duration of the Exhibition.




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